Sovereign Order 

of Saint John of Jerusalem

Russians Knights of Malta

O.S.J. + R.M. 

A.D. 1500  

The Russians Knights of Malta

The historical Tradition - The first one of the great orders chivalrous in
operation fates of the crusades it was that of the ospitaleris of St.
Giovanni, today riders of Malta, practically the solo that has actually
reached us preserving intact all the prerogatives of sovereignty,
international juridical personality, economic autonomy and diplomatic
guarentigie. The origins of the idea ospitalieras, on which numerous
chivalrous orders were constituted, are antecedent subsequently to the first
crusade. Long before Goffredo of Buglione was in terrasanta, the merchants
amalfitani had succeeded in getting from the caliph fatimita of Egypt,
paying an annual contribution, the permission to build in Jerusalem a church
and a hospital, place of kindergarten and assistance to the pilgrims.
The hospital is in full function, under the direction of a monk amalfitano,
to the date of the conquest and the following constitution of the Latin
kingdom in Jerusalem, held up by Goffredo of Buglione. The monk calls
Gerardo de Stone and is in odor of holiness to prodigiously be escaped to
the capital punishment, having him/it the mussulmanis accused of having
launched bread to the crusaders starved by the boundaries during the siege.
You people call him/it blessed Gerardo. It will be him to institutionalize
the duty of help to the pilgrims constituting a religious brotherhood that
calls Order ospitaliero of St. Giovanni in Jerusalem (1099).
All it takes is however taking takes care of him of the pilgrims; it
needs to protect them from the fury of the Saracens. This way, in the twenty
year-old turn, from men of charity and faith which were, the ospitalieris
become warlike. And' the successor of the blessed Gerardo, among' Raymond de
Puy, according to big teacher, to turn the order into a military
You consider their origins, the Knights of St. Giovanni adopt as it teaches
the cross amalfitana to eight points, that symbolize besides the beatitudes
of the faith. The standard is red the white cross. The mantles are black.
Well soon the Arabs, after having known its impetus in battle, they will
call them with reverential fear him "black men". You them fame assumes
legendary proportions to the par of that of the templaris. And' meaningful
that even the Saladino, generous and loyal adversary, inclinable to do grace
of the life to the Christians captured on the field, it set without
hesitation to dead ospitaleri and templari. It gave a cruel test of it to
Hattin, after the disastrous defeat 1187 crusade making to impale of it or
to slaughter in other way over two hundred.
1187 is the tragic year of the fall in Jerusalem, that marks the first
decisive overthrow of a favorable situation to the Christians, that had
allowed their to appropriate of territories boundless and inestimable
treasures. The ospitaleris in mass will be sacrificed for defending the
boundaries of the City of the Peace, as the Arabs call her/it. And also
among' Roger of Moulins, big teacher of the order, will fall fighting
against the hordes of the Saladino. It is not the first one it will be the
last of the principles of it ospitaleri remained on the field. The illusion
of the Saint Sepulchre goes crumbling himself/herself/itself, Jerusalem will
be taken back, then definitely lost in 1244. They stay nevertheless to
defend overseas the other Latin principalities of and their people. If the
kingdom in Jerusalem is fallen there is still that of Antiochia, the
principalities of Draught and Edessa, the county of Tripoli, the flourishing
Giaffa and the jewel landing of St. Giovanni of acrid. The ospitalieris
garrison the immoderate frontier, withstanding the vice mussulmana through
bloody gotten from castles that they dominate the neuralgic points of the
But in 1271 the most legendary of these fortitudes the riders' immense Krak,
held by the ospitalieris, it falls. His/her loss and the extermination of
the whole garrison ospitalieras sow the panic in the Christianity. The
knights of Terrasanta are alone more and more, while the vice mussulmana
irremediably goes tightening himself. Giaffa, Tripoli,
Antiochia and the fortress of Margat fall, considered imprendibile also it.
Few hundred ospitalieri, templari and Teutonic, they are castled to Acrid,
on the coast, to allow the population survivor to embark
for Europe. they Withstand over one month against
Saracen centosessantamila coming from Egypt and from Syria, rejecting the
horde up to when the last Christian woman is in safe on the last ship. None
of the defenders of Acrid it falls in the hands of the enemy. Reduced in few
about ten, they gather him on an only tower, that collapses under the bump
of the attackers burying together them.
The big teacher of the ospitalieris Giovanni de Villiers is among the
survivors embarked on the ships because wounded and unable to the fight.
Hands his/her insignias to Cyprus where he provisionally installs. Many
otherKnights, were forced instead to look for shelter in the Russian
Patriarchies, and were kindly welcomed from the House Granducale in
Moscow and Kiev, from the principles Dobryniani of Galizia.
They are enough few years to reorganize the order to Cyprus and to make
it ready, under the profile both soldier how spiritual, to take back
his war against the Islam. The scenery is not the desert anymore, not
anymore the fortresses of the Lebanese passes but the sea. The first
conquest of the ospitalieris returned in weapons is the island of you Gnaw,
where they are established in strengths. Using then himself
of the consultation of experts Genoese naval architects, they a fleet of
agile jails, with which they are taken possession of Lero, Cos, Nisiro,
Treads, Limonia, Castelrosso and numerous other islands of the Aegean one.
The fortunes of the Knights of St. Giovanni, become now of you Gnaw, they are
from this moment submitted to the sea, both as it regards the commerces that
for that that their permanent crusade remains, revolt above all to oppose
the Turkish navy and the piracy barbaresca. The order is able to all the
effects to consider him, in this phase of its history, a king-public
aristocratic marinara, to the riders they were in demand four quarters of
nobility, in certain cases dodici,su Genoese or Venetian model. With a
multinational connotation in more, since it gathers gentlemen coming from
every country of the Christian west, gathering them for evident reasons for
practicality in eight chapters denominated languages. And' an ecumenical
military community, whose ships beat the most impracticable routs pushing
himself over the Bosporus up to the Black Sea. They hamper
the action of the pirates tunisini, but they practise to them it turns with
profit the war of run, cashing in on the Ottoman routs. They participate in
the more spectacular naval enterprises of the Christianity, what the taking
of Smirne and the frequent unloadings on the coasts nordafricane.
With the matrimonial union (A.D. 1472) among Zoè (Sofia) Paleologo, nephew
of Costantino XI Paleologo, last emperor of Bisanzio and Ivan III Velichy
(the Great) Granduca of Russia, various groups survivors of other Orders
of Knights of east are absorbed from the House of Russia, as for example the
legendary Militia Aurata Costantiniana, and it also starts to get organized
an orthodox first Priorate of Russia of that
Knights Joanniti welcomed in stopped by the House in Moscow and Kiev, that
already around the 1500 ca. it will assume strength and well peculiar
characteristics under the tall Protectorate (de facto) of the czar Ivan III
the Great .
The disproportion with the strengths of the Ottoman empire is enormous
however. You also Gnaw you/he/she is destined to fall. In the 1522 Solimano
II it attaches the island with seven hundred ships and an army of
duecentomila men, more smaller departments and engineers trained to I dig
her/it and to the demolition. The unloading is preceded by a thick naval
bombardment. The Christian riders are alone three hundred, anymore some
thousand of militiamen recruited among the population. They withstand six
months, up to when the people of you Gnaw, exhausted and decimated, it
implores the big teacher Villiers de Isle-Adam to ask the peace.
The knights still in life and able to fight they are not but few about ten.
Admired of so much value, the sultan Solimano offers them the honor of the
weapons and the promise that the rodiotis won't suffer violences. The
population, nevertheless, will ask and will get to follow the ospitalieris
on their ships, that sail toward Candia. It follows a period of punishment
and uncertainty for the ospitalieris, that wander between Candia and Sicily
between Civitavecchia and Marsiglia without receiving some help from the
sovereigns of Europe,; other it sticks they will unite him to the brothers
Russian orthodox places under the guide of the czar Basilio III, de their
facto 45° Grand Master.
Charles V will make of the ospetalieris Catholic Malta available, chieden -
I give as I compensate symbolic a hunting falcon the year. The island is in
fact rich of such volatile.  And' 1530. Eight years have passed by the
tragedy of you Gnaw when the ospitalieris are installed to Malta. They
transfers with them the families survivors of the population rodiota.
With amazing rapidity, the order takes back the dominion of the
Mediterranean turning the island into an impregnable base. It will withstand
the most merciless siege that the history naval memoirs, when in the 1565
Turks and barbareschi they will try to repeat, with five hundred ships and
cinquantamila men, the enterprise of you Gnaw. They will be enough for to
reject the besiegers be-seven hundred riders of the order, supported by a
strength of novemila armed men, less than a fifth of the attackers.
Tramontarono definitely in that days the illusions mussulmane to turn Malta
into a base for the control of the Mediterranean, from which to move for
invading Sicily and Europe. The riders will hold Malta, after the siege, for
over two centuries. But they won't be the weapons of the Islam to send away
them from the island. Sarà Napoleone Bonaparte, to take possession of their
treasures, to break in 1798 the secular neutrality of the ospitalieris
towards every nation of Europe. You French republic, to that date it didn't
recognize the order. All the good ospitalieri in France was already
forfeited and numerous riders killed in the revolutionary massacres.
Napoleone reaches the island with a fleet that transports the whole body of
army destined to the consignment of Egypt and intimate that Malta is
delivered him. The big teacher Ferdinand von Hompesch orders a symbolic
defense, then, after the first cannonades the surrender. Napoleone
disembarks and plunders in the turn of few times the houses of the order.
picks her up of Malta from Napoleone he/she remains among the least clear
episodes than the history of the order. A defense of the island would not
only have been possible but probably destined to the success. The order had
in sea two vessels, a rubbing and three jails. On the slopes of the dry land
1400 fire mouths were lined up, between guns and mortars of various caliber.
The garrison finally counted 332 riders, 1200 armigeris of the regiment
Malta and a local militia of 12.800 men, anymore the unloading battalions of
the naval unities, 300 infantrymen on the helmets and 400 on the vessels.
It was unlikely entirely, to these conditions, that Napoleone quickly had
the best, without undertaking himself/herself/themselves in a siege
prolonged that you/he/she would have dissuaded him from the enterprise of
Egypt. the reasons for the surrender are not included, therefore to less
than not to want to bring back her to the ideal imperative to avoid shedding
of blood among European.
The order so shattered in eight Languages and in the various
Priorates, it starts therefore to disperse himself/herself/themselves in
every part of the world. A branch of it from Trieste passes in Rome,
reorganizing himself in the known S.M.O.M. Other Knights found
shelter in Russia (1797-98) under the protection of the czar Paul I, 72°
Grand Master of the order (position that actually held to its killing).
they Came so to constitute him new schismatic jaws of Russian Priorates.
Meanwhile, however, it kept on surviving, never lost, that anterior jaw of
Malta I Snore picked up at first him around the Granduca Ivan the Great,
Tall Protector of the black Knights "biancocrociati".
Says Order has formally been reconstituted and reorganized                                                                                                                                                                          from S.A.R.I. Don Antonius II Tiberio Dobrynia Angelos of Rome and Russia,
legitimate representative Capo of Name and Arme of the Imperial Sovereign
Tiberian Dobrynian House of Rome and Russia, and renamed: "Sovereign Order
of Saint John of Jerusalem - Russians Knights of Malta - O.S.J.+R.M."

Of the nature and sovereignty - The Order is a Chivalrous Militia,
Ecumenical, and what international subject by law, belonging to full title
to the dynastic historical and heraldic patrimony eriditario of the August
Imperial House and Granducale Tiberiana-Dobryniana-Anghelos of Rome and
Russia, is autonomous independent from every storm or spiritual sovereignty.

The Sovereign Gran General Master - S.A.R.I. Don Antonius II is the actual
Sovereign Gran hereditary General Master of the O.S.J.+R.M., assumente the
position and dignity of Tall Patron and Spiritual Protector of the Noble
Order (with Plate in Jerusalem and treatment of S.A.R.I. - Monsignore
Eminentissimo), to reorganize him/it and to drive it with prudent
wisdom, for historical, traditional and moral continuity to be guaranteed
from there.

Magistral Center - You central center is where in the place the Sovereign
Gran Master he resides, except his different magistral disposition; the
historical center is in Moscow and Jerusalem.

Purposes of the Order - They is:
a) the continuation and safeguard of the traditional historical patrimony
of the ancient Knights of Amalfi, Jerusalem, Cyprus, Gnaws and Malta.
b) the propagation of the Christian Faith, with ecumenical spirit and of
brotherhood for the unification of the different confessions and religions;
c) the defense and the maintenance of the chivalrous ideal of Justice and
Honor, united to the most elevated philanthropic and benevolent values; the
diffusion and exploitation of the superior, humanistic, artistic and
scientific studies, to base of a renewed culture of the man and for the man.

Categories of Members - The Order includes the classes of Knights and
separate Dames in two categories: of Justice and of Grazia. They belong to
the first they whom are of proven nobility and the Great Dignitaries of the
order. The Sovereign Grand Master is able, in exceptional cases and
in strength of his/her prerogatives, to grant not also the insignias of
justice to the candidates in possession of noble titles.
The hierarchy of every category includes the following degrees and dignity
(in increasing order):
- Knights / Dame
- Commander / Gran Dame
- Commander Great Officer / Gran Dame Gr. Uff.
- Knights of Gran Cross / Gran Dame of Gr. Cr.
- Chaplain
- Ambassador / Ambassadresses
- Knights of Gran Collar / Gran Dame of Gr. Coll.
The eight points of the Cross of Malta are composed from:
- 1° Grand Chancellor - with plate of Castile
- 2° Grand Balì - with plate of Germany
- 3° Grand Commander - with plate of Provenza
- 4° Grand Marshal - with plate of Alverna
- 5° Grand Conservative - with plate in Aragon
- 6° Grand Ospitalieres - with plate of France
- 7° Grand Ammiraglios - with plate of Italy
- 8° Grand Turcopillier - with plate of Baviera and Russia

Decorations - You ancient decoration is changed in that actual:
a gold Cross Amalfitana (to eight points) enameled of white, set aside of
four gold lilies and overhung by an imperial crown to the Russian.
The ribbon is black hemmed of gold.
Shield: of black to the cross of white; loaded behind the same the Byzantine
bicephalous eagle crowned to the Russian.
Mantle: black with cross white ottagona on the shoulder.  Only the Grand
Master will bring the collar of the mantle embroidered with branches and
arabesques of countersign in gold.
Cruciform standard: of red to the white Greek cross.
The Gran Teacher - Tall Patron and Protector it will bring, what countersign
of dignity, a silver sword garnished of gold in pole to the shield.

Condition general of admission

Conferment - The designation can be conferred to people that have completed
the eighteen years of age, of both the sexes, of any nationalities and
religion, without racial or social discriminations, semprechés result of
good moral behavior and have acquired particular personal worths,
distinguishing himself/herself/itself in the field of the studies, of the
profession, in the job, in the civil society.
   The Applicant will have to equip the question written of candidacy with a
synthetic curriculum vitae, including autocertificazione of lack of penal
procedures in progress in his name, more two recent fototesseres and the
payment of the in demand quota what contribution of chancellery anticipated
and voluntary donation for the goals of the or. he asks her you/he/she must
be addressed Magistral Chancellery to the Gran.
In case of refusal of the same one, it is not in demand motivation some.
In case of acceptance, the formal documents of nomination will be ready.

Honorableness - The honorableness of the Applicant is not here conditio sine
to the status of Rider.
Social rank and nobility - The members of the order have to hold a
compatible behavior with the affiliation to the rank of an Order avente a
traditional prestige. The candidates to the class of Justice debbono to feel
the ancient nobility of their family of birth.

Devotion - The order doesn't impose religious practices to its members, you
leave to the free choice of each, on the contrary to preserve in every
moment of the daily life the sense of the sacred.

Oath - During the ceremony of investiture, the mole Riders will swear on the
sacred text of their religion the observance to the order, in the full
respect and observance of the constitutional laws vigenti in the state
ospitante. The prescribed oath involves the three solemn Votes of
Perfection: Fidelity, Truth, Justice, living then always from that moment in
in behavior exemplary and strong of this triplex Virtue.

Discipline - The members of the order are kept to conform
himself/herself/themselves to the Rules, Statutes and Customs, instructions
and directives of the authorities of the order. You Cavalry, to the peer of
a Company, it is giustappunto defined by the Canonical Right as "Societas
militantium sub regula."

Contribution - The members debbono to contribute to the works and the
development of the order, pouring during the admission a donation, only (a
tantum) valid to life.

About the Delegations - National and international Delegations of
representation of the can be founded Or. So for the various Priorates, Gran
Priorates, Baliaggi - as from customary norms in
subject.  In States in which him is recognized. the Gr. M° can accredit
Ambassadorial or specific Diplomatic representatives for the business of the

About the Supreme Magistral Court - In the exercise of Your Tall authority
the Gran Master can ask for the assistance of a number of select Advisers
among the Tall Dignitaries of the or., to which honorary or temporary
positions of the type can be assigned: Grand Chancellor, Master of Ceremonies,
King of weapons, Treasurer, etc. Says Members they constitute the Supreme
Magistral Court of the or. (S.M.C.). It has only advisory powers and
the Gr. M° will always have the right to establish and to decide, to own
discretion, the business of the or. as it will hold more appropriate
according to the circumstances (it is postponed to the general statutes).

Penalty - Every inside disagreement among the Members can be submitted and
resolved by a Court of Honor, designate second the customs in subject. The
imposed penalties on the Members (what however they will always have the
right to justify him) compatible with the gravity of the offense, they will
be: to) censorship; b) suspension for an indefinite period;  and) expulsion
to vitam. Said measures you/they can immediately be applied also in case of
apparent unworthiness.

About the Ceremonies

A. Cerimonia of investiture - In the ceremony of investiture it is
anticipated the delivery to the beginner of the decorations, of the mantle
and of the diploma of nomination, according to the traditional canons. The
purchase of the mantle and the decorations is to load of the beginner. For
the Form it is postponed to that in use in the tradition.
B. Cerimonia and Festivity of the Order - The order celebrates as own
festivity: on June 24, what recurrence of the Party of the Saint Patron of
the Cruciform Cavalry, St. Giovanni Battista.
C. Decorazioni and uniforms of solemn use for the official ceremonies: those
it is postponed to in traditional use, as from statutes.
D. Norme of use honors: the belonging Chivalrous Orders for Hereditary Knights
to the Imperial and Real House of Rome and Imperial Granducale of Russia,
recognized to the senses of the 1° paragraph of the art.7 of the Law 3 March
1951 n°s 178, what non National Orders and of is Foreign establishing the
motto of the free one and licit use of the same honor in the life of public
and private relationships of the decorated one, with the obligation to
specify the name of the Order except that from which effects spring by law

Cultural work - Order is understands cultural inside organs as:
Academies, free Universities, Associations; everything how much
will be held valid for the increase of the to know; also foreseeing the
possibility of cultural twinships with other external institutions that have
same finalities.

Work of assistance - In the event of a public disaster, him Or.
introduce him as an association of assistance coadiuvando the military and
civil authorities of the country in matter.

Philanthropic work - Him or. it will favor all those demonstrations and
character initiatives I benefit and benevolent that, turns for time, they
will be held opportune for a social appointment, civilian and ethic of
concrete help to the suffering and needy neighbor.
The philanthropic activity of done you/he/she will be promoted and
dispatched by special beneficent Institutions of belonging affiancamento to
the dynastic patrimony of the August House, also nominate the:
"Imperial Fathers' Arciconfraternita Cavalieri St. Pious and
Sant'Antonio - Sacred Hospitaliero Ordine"; and the other: "Imperial
Arciconfraternita Hospitaliera Knights of St. Nicola" (controled by the
respective statutes).

Sacred College of the Crown

The August House of Rome and Russia is beneficiary of the tall Spiritual
Protection of Sacred College, so similarly all of Imperial
Dynastic Chivalrous Orders to which the most important religious authorities
and the Patriarches of east and west, Records of Their Churches, are deigned
to grant the benefit of the Saint Apostolic Benediction and of the Perpetual
Spiritual Protection of the Saint Purple.
All the Noble Knights of the O.S.J.+R.M. they enjoy, therefore, of the
Apostolic Benediction of favor of the Saint Albanian Orthodox Seat in exile.